• Did you chat with

    anyone today?


    Voice SNS helps you

    get through to people.



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  • Main Functions

    (Including upcoming functions)

    Voice Channel Room

    Let's you chat with people or listen to a subject you're interested in - it's free!

    Archive function is available in the paid version.


    You can choose to show appreciation and give support by offering monetary gifts to people you have engaged with.

    Simple Operations

    Searching for and opening channels is only a few taps away.

  • At a time like this you want some advice!

    When you have questions, Fonicon lets you ask for advice from those who have shared your experiences. Do not worry alone!

    Other things you can do

    Talk about common topics!

    Chat with people about your mutual interests whilst watching TV or playing games. Fonicon lets you talk about popular international TV programmes with people watching them for the first time!

    Experience is a great asset

    You want expert advice!

    Seek advice from professionals in the law fields, financial area and much more...

    Learning foreign languages

    You want to get the listening skills!

    You will feel immersed in a different culture just by listening to people speak to you in another language. Fonicon is scheduled to provide a wide variety of languages as well as English and Chinese, these will include Italian, Portuguese, Swedish, Swahili and Thai.

    Eat & Drink at a good price

    Izakaya chat!

    While chatting you can exchange views about the dishes at restaurants and Izakaya. You might even get a discount service (limited to certain places).

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